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Har du fått kvarnen ännu?

Hur tänkte du när du valde mellan flat och conical?

Hej Arvids,
Nej tyvärr inte än. Bör bli klar nu i april och Denis siktar på leverans i månadsskiftet april/maj. Den som väntar på något gott :)

Det var flera aspekter jag jämförde. Footprint var en stor punkt där Flat är mindre och mer kompakt. Nu har Denis släppt en uppdaterad version av Conical dock som är 4.5cm lägre än förut :p Annars gillar jag möjligheten att kunna ställa in RPM, vilket bara går på Flat, som gör att man kan få mer optimal inställning beroende på böntyp. Folk säger också att Flat lämpar sig bättre för pourover vilket också var ett av mina krav.

Dessutom så skiljde det bara typ 1500 kr mellan dom två med dom tillvalen jag ville ha, efter frakt, tull och moms så då kände jag att jag lika gärna kunde ta den jag verkligen ville ha! :)


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Vet inte om folk är intresserade men kvarnen är nu byggd och testad av Denis. Skickas denna vecka! Sen lär det väl ta ett tag innan den kommer fram.
Bifogat är testrapporten av Denis:


I have tested your Monolith for espresso extractions and it performs very good and as expected.

I made about 5 shots and have included in report measurements for typical shot. I did testing with Caffe Lusso Miscela Carmo espresso blend and I will include bag of it with the grinder. Grinder is already dialed in for this coffee at 18g dose using 18g VST basket so grind 18g of coffee into 18g VST basket and see where you stand. Very likely you will have to grind bit finer or coarser depending on pressure profile of your machine.

Extraction yields are right inline with new condition of the burrs and coffee used. Note that this will improve as burrs get seasoned. It takes at least 5-8 pounds of coffee through the burrs for them to get seasoned. I recommend running that through the grinder, if you don't have that much anything you have will help of course. You will notice that grind marker will move toward finer side for even couple of numbers as burrs wear in. Grind consistency and pull appearance will also stabilize as burrs wear in all leading to better extractions.

Please also note that extraction yield is influenced by many factors and is very sensitive to distribution of coffee in basket as well as grind fineness and volume of espresso made. In my tests I do not strive to maximize extraction yield, but to verify that grinder functions as I expect it to.

All espresso was made on single group Slayer.

Little note on my testing. I dial every new grinder by taste with known blend. Then I taste espresso and compare it to my baseline Monolith that I use every day and which I know works as it should. Once taste is close and it matches I measure using refractometer the extraction yields. They should be close between two grinders. Numbers and measurement is just another check-point, but taste of course rules everything.

Here is some background on numbers you see:

TDS - total dissolved solids in coffee, this number comes directly out of refractometer since that is what it measures. I place couple of drops of espresso I made on instrument and it measures the TDS.

EBF - is simply ratio between dose in grams and made espresso in grams

Extraction Yield - is the value that is calculated based on dose, espresso weight in grams and TDS and it basically says how much you extracted given your dose, espresso weight and TDS. Some "experts" tasted different extraction yields and came up with favorable range of I think 18.5-22. But its just a number, I had god shots that were measuring at 17% or lower and had crap shots that were measuring at 20-21... Its useful if you have trouble extracting espresso, but ultimately you dial it in by taste, who cares what the number is? What I find useful is that I can use this to test how well grinder works. Misaligned grinder, bad burrs, etc. all clearly show low extraction yields when compared using same coffee, dose, and espresso weight made on grinder which works well. But again I cannot stress enough that taste is the most important measure. You can pull shots with high extraction yield from $20 hario skerton grinder but they will taste pretty bad, so...

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions or if something is not clear enough.

I cannot wait to hear what you think and how Monolith works for you. Attached is also Monolith Manual and Getting Started document. Please read the manual while you wait for the grinder :)

Here is video of my routine with grinder:

And here is video of recommended WDT routine:

And RDT:

My Best,


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