Sprudgie Awards 2021 - Årets bästa kafferosteri, kaffepryl, kaffepodcast och så vidare


Varje år så delar Sprudge.com ut sina Sprudgie Awards i olika kafferelaterde kategorier. Årets nominerade hittar ni här:

Kul att se ett svenska Muttley And Jack på listan , även om det var ett ganska otippat namn.

Några namn eller produkter som ni gillar extra mycket?

Hela listan:

Notable Roaster​

This award honors a roaster doing exemplary work in 2021. This may include roasted coffee quality, the strength of e-commerce, cafe locations (if applicable), and all other facets of running a successful coffee roaster.

Girls Who Grind Coffee (Warminster, UK)
Rabbit Hole Coffee Roasters (Montreal, Quebec)
Three Keys Coffee (Houston, Texas)
Leaves Coffee Roasters (Tokyo, Japan)
Muttley And Jack’s Coffee Roasters (Stockholm, Sweden)
Boon Boona Coffee Roasters (Renton, Washington)
Cafe Con Jiribilla (Mexico City, Mexico)
Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters (Bay Area, CA)

Notable Coffee Producer​

This award honors outstanding work by a coffee producer.

Cynthia La Rue (Nicaragua)
Ana Mustafa (Colombia)
Alexa Marin (Nicaragua)
Karla Boza (El Salvador)
Katia Duke (Honduras)
Miriam Perez (Honduras)
Tisya Mukuna (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Yenni Esperanza (Colombia)

Best New Product​

This award honors a new coffee product released for sale to the public in the year 2021.

Acaia Lunar 2021
Tricolate Brewer
Orea Coffee Brewer
La Marzocco Wally Milk
Ujjo Coffee Hot Sauce
E61 Matrix Shower Screen
Taika 2.0

Best Coffee Video/Film​

This award honors an original coffee video or film released in the year 2021. This can include feature films, short films, promotional videos or social media clips.

How To Steam Milk For Latte Art” by Lance Hedrick
Calibrate” by Propaganda
All Espresso Drinks Explained: Cappuccino vs Latte vs Flat White and More” by European Coffee Trip
Is There A Race To The Bottom Happening In Speciality Coffee?” by Coffee With Maxwell
A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Great Coffee” by James Hoffmann
“I Tested Every Trader Joe’s Coffee Product (So You Don’t Have To)” by MorganDrinksCoffee
Let’s Drink Coffee With Your Korean Dad” by Your Korean Dad
The Lifecycle of A Cup of Coffee” by A.J. Jacobs

Best Coffee Writing​

This award celebrates the best coffee writing of the year.

Jonathan Gagne
Freda Yuan
Ben Wurgaft
Christopher Feran
Corazon Padilla
Jenn Chen
Ashley Rodriguez
Anthony K. Langat

Best Coffee Magazine​

This award honors an outstanding coffee magazine or print publication release.

Batch Magazine
Coffee People Zine
Source Code
Revista Espresso
Solo Magazine

Best Social Media​

This award honors outstanding work across social media platforms.

James Hoffmann

Best Coffee Podcast​

This award honors outstanding work in the podcast medium.

Making Coffee With Lucia Solis
Keys To The Shop
Coffee Protocol Podcast
Boss Barista
Trans & Caffeinated
5thWAVE: The Business of Coffee
Cat & Cloud
The Cxffeeblack Podcast

Best Design/Packaging​

This work honors notable design or packaging work in coffee. Nominees may include coffee products, coffee bags, coffee logo or graphic design work, or any other example of outstanding coffee design.

Hard Lines Coffee (Cardiff, Wales)
Takkø Café (São Paulo, Brazil)
Onyx Coffee Lab (Bentonville, Arkansas)
Fritz Coffee Company (Seoul, South Korea)
MAME (Zurich, Switzerland)
Obadiah Coffee (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Process Coffee (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Coffee Collective (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Best New Cafe​

This award is presented to a cafe that has opened in 2021.

Subko Coffee (Bombay, India)
Equator Coffees Round House (San Francisco, California)
Drip Coffee Brooklyn Heights (Brooklyn, New York)
Try Hard Coffee (Austin, Texas)
ART.i Coffee and Space (Bogor, Indonesia)
Nemesis Coffee Great Northern Way (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Portland Cà Phê (Portland, Oregon)
Papá Changó (Seattle, Washington)

Sustainable Cafe​

This award is presented to a cafe or coffee company for prioritizing sustainable environmental and industry stewardship. This can include zero waste practices, pursuing a reduced carbon footprint, highlighting sustainable coffees and products, and a commitment to equity and industry leadership.

Phoenix Coffee (Cleveland, Ohio)
Slow Bloom Coffee Cooperative (Redlands, California)
Gimme! Coffee (Ithaca, New York)
Cocoa Cinnamon + Little Waves Coffee (Durham, North Carolina)
Isla Coffee (Berlin, Germany)
Coffee Collective (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Daughter (Brooklyn, New York)
Fluid Cooperative Cafe (San Francisco, California)

Notable Event​

World’s Largest Coffee Tasting
No Free Coffee Pop Up Events
Leaderboard: The Coffee Game
High Density by The Barista League
London Coffee Festival
The DiGi-2-TiON by Glitter Cat Barista
Seoul International Cafe Show


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